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"SESP" web portal is on line! (LabEx ESEP)

18 December 2015 •
Paris Sciences et Lettres

The "Sciences for Exoplanets and Planetary  Systems" portal went on line on Wednesday December 16th. Its mission: provide access to scientific knowledge via an engaging, user-friendly web portal with content that is both rigorous and accessible to the general public and students from Bachelor's year 1 on. The portal is a bridge between our ancient, ingrained curiosity for all things cosmic and the most recent advances in astrophysics (in particular the search for exoplanets) and it has already sparked incredible enthusiasm among students.

The Sciences for Exoplanets and Planetary  Systems portal is divided into two seperate websites:

The academic site offers 23 teaching modules that associate texts, interactive exercises and miniapps. Bachelor's year 3 courses are designed for self-study: each course is equivalent to 10 hours of physical presence classes. The online courses include a syllabus and description of course goals, a methodology and skills section, auto-evaluation exercises and a methodology and data analysis project.

The general public site is designed to disseminate information about Exoplanets. It is organized around an educational database that presents the characteristics of extrasolar planets.  
Distance learning programs using the SPOC format are under development as is a translated version of the site.



The websites are open-access under a Creative Commons 5 license. They may be used for the purpose of self-education and distance-learning or as additional material for physical presence courses. Faculty may choose to include part or all of the on-line material in own their courses.

The site content builds on the quality and diversity of information provided by PSL laboratories and research center and specialized databases (in particular, the Observatoire Virtuel (virtual observatory) and the Observatoire de Paris' expertise in multimedia presentations and distance-learning.

Views of class materials accessible via the website.​

Explore the Exoplanètes et les Systèmes Planétaires web site  (Bachelor's year 3)

Explore the Les exoplanètes general public website


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