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The Musée Curie is home to a collection of historic archives including 3 laboratory notebooks and 14 volumes of research reports that faithfully tell the story of close to 60 years of Curie laboratory activity. The first two notebooks, that record events concerning the laboratory, are written in Marie Curie's hand. The first notebook (1898-1927) underwent a complete restoration in 2013 to...

Cahier de bord du Laboratoire Curie, 1898-1927
Laboratoire d'essais
Mines ParisTech
The Bureau national de métrologie et d'essais (National Office of Metrology and Testing) was founded by the French Ministry of Public Works in 1845, following on the École des Mines' Testing Laboratory. The Bureau's mission was to give both the general public and industrialists direct and free access to chemical analysis for all types of mineral samples: iron ore, copper, lead and gold ores, alloys, fossil fuels, clays, limestone, water and fertilizers.
Chimie ParisTech
Charles Friedel was an eminent French chemist and mineralogist, co-developer of a method for synthesizing benzene, known as the "Friedel–Crafts Reaction". He also co-founded the École Alsacienne and the École nationale supérieure de chimie de Paris (ENSCP), home to his laboratory archives.
solvay physique quantique archives
Paris Sciences et Lettres
In 1927, when Paul Langevin, professor at the Collège de France and at the École de physique et de chimie de Paris, succeeded Hendrik-Antoon Lorentz as President of the Conseils internationaux de Physique Solvay, his office recovered most of the archives concerning the early Conseils Solvay.