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PSL-Explore is a communications resource for entire PSL community: a shared agenda keeps everyone up-to-date on PSL and member institution conferences, exhibitions, performances, workshops and scientific events, while web pages list researchers' blogs in our geographic area, PSL member institution MOOCs and selected conferences.

The website also provides scientific content produced by individual PSL members and PSL teams. For example, the virtual exhibition entitled The Humboldt brothers, the Spirit of Europe, follows on a major physical exhibition held at the Observatoire de Paris from May 15th through July 11th 2014, with a smaller version shown in 2015 at the CROUS Center in Paris. The exhibition builds on over one hundred archival documents, quotes and recordings to illustrate the life and scientific work of two stellar intellectuals, their insatiable curiosity for the world around them, their commitment to advancing and sharing knowledge and science, and their incredible talent for innovation.




PSL has digitized over 5,000 documents to date, and is now in the process of creating a PSL digital library. Via PSL-Explore, users can Access and Browse member institution digital collections such as Marie Curie's hand-written laboratory logs and observations.

PSL-Explore is also a platform for viewing fiction, animated films, documentaries and educational films. The website showcases the films that constitute La Fémis and École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs student degree projects as well as videos by PSL's most prominent researchers directed at the general public.

In keeping with PSL's goal to promote knowledge sharing and the advancement of the sciences, letters, the arts and historical heritage, we will be constantly increasing the volume and diversity of PSL's digital collections.  So visit the PSL-Explore website regularly for the latest in PSL digital resources!  


PSL-Explore comprises a website developed by Sopra/Steria and Fidesio using Drupal as well  the ExLibris Primo® search, discovery and delivery solution (search engine, Primo Central index, and SFX link resolver).


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