PSL digital libraries
Today, digital library resources include the PSL inter-institutional digital library and several PSL member institution libraries.


The Mines ParisTech Digital Historic Archives

Mines ParisTEch's digital historic archives provide open access to all of the École des Mines's digitized collections, including rare and historic documents of major interest to the school, the Corps des Mines and for mining engineering in general. They also house:
-documents produced by faculty, researchers and students: travel diaries, lectures and course material, research archives, the Elie de Beaumont collection, the Laboratoire des essais archives, etc.
-documents produced by the Corps des Mines: journals and annals from 1794-1914, mining statistics from 1833-1977, and geological maps France by Département
-historic works and documents in the field of mining, geology and mineralogy: Bergbuchlein, published in 1505, a late 19th century Japanese scroll on the Sado mines, Bourrit's description of the Peninian and Rhaetian Alps published in 1781, the 1794 edition of the Atlas minéralogique de la France (mineralogical atlas of France), etc.


Salamandre - Collège de France

Salamandre, the Collège de France's historic archive also provides access to a comprehensive catalogue of the Collège de France's general archives. The collection is dedicated to documents regarding the history of the Collège de France as well as faculty research and publications; it includes historic documents, archives, images, audio documents and texts.


EFEO photo Library

The EFEO Photo Library, founded alongside the EFEO Research Library, built its collection primarily around photos taken by researchers during their field missions; Today, the collection houses over 180,000 images - glass plate negatives, photographic slides (reversal film), gelatin silver and color prints, and digital images – covering all EFEO disciplines and all of the EFEO centers.


École des chartes Digital Library

The École des Chartes Digital Library provides access to the school's collections and virtual expositions, including ENC's historic archives, engravings and reprints.



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