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5 September 2016

Scribus, the right open source tool for posters

If you ask your colleagues, you will probably learn that the vast majority of them uses PowerPoint to design posters. Although it is possible to do so, Powerpoint lacks an important number of tools that are necessary for a high-quality result! Programmes such as...

Paris Sciences et Lettres

Linda Duskova, director, playwright and SACRe PhD candidate, presents her thesis dissertation: "Image et conscience dans le théâtre" (image and consciousness in the theater).

She focuses on the use of still images in the theater, and analyzes the role played by photography, painting, and drawing as...

Lyes Hammadouche, SACRe PhD candidate, presents his exhibition entitled, "Tout est parti d'une colonne" ( it all started with a column). The work is part of his PhD thesis.

Lyes Hammadouche graduated from ENSAD Paris in 2013 and is preparing a PhD in the Applied Arts, under the co-direction of Samuel Bianchini, artist and member of the faculty at...

Published by Vérène Chalendar •
Paris Sciences et Lettres

Vérène Chalendar presents her PhD thesis on "The use of animals and animal materials in ancient Assyro-Babylonian medicine".

She is preparing her thesis as a HaStec fellow (class of 2013-2016) at the École Pratique des Hautes Etudes's Doctoral School 472, under the direction of Dominique Charpin....

Published by Brice Gérard •
École pratique des hautes études, Paris Sciences et Lettres

Brice Gérard presents his research on the topic: "Ethnomusicology and French techniques for recording and representing sound"

Brice Gérard is a LabEx HaStec postdoctoral fellow (class of 2014-2015). He carries out his research at the CAK research center (Centre Alexandre Koyré – UMR 8560).